About us

KnowledgeSeed GmbH was founded in 2016 in Zürich by Hungarian expatriates with decades of experience in designing and developing financial planning systems. Initially we worked on planning systems for Swiss multinational companies in the insurance and the pharmaceutical industry and in the following years we have expanded to the telecommunications and the energy sector as well.

In 2019 our new office was founded in Budapest with our Hungarian team focusing on front-end development for multi-dimensional data modelling systems. As a result of our product development efforts we have released our first proprietary software product early 2020: a JavaScript based framework called Dimension that allows corporate financial planning systems to be built in a highly effective way. In the second half of 2020 we have received capital investment that allowed us to expand our team and invest in developing further proprietary software solutions such as an HR modelling tool and a software solution that allows corporate risk factors to be analysed with statistical tools.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we have completely virtualized all our operations embracing home working, flexible hours and remote working technologies. After the initial difficulties operations quickly resumed to previous and even higher efficiency levels and currently we have no plans to return to office working in the near future.